Gift Ideas for Thai-Food Lovers



Many of us know at least one Thai food aficionado amongst our friends and family and luckily, there are many gift ideas for Thai-Food lovers that do not require a trip to Thailand. Here are some gift ideas they will be sure to love:

Popular Thai Cuisine Cookbook

‘Thai Food’ by Australian chef David Thompson is a remarkable and comprehensive study of Thailand’s culinary traditions. The book contains cultural, geographical, historical, spiritual and culinary information with a vast collection of recipes that range from street food through palace cooking, to exquisite desserts. A book of rare depth and complexity, providing a new appreciation of Thai cookery, this book is a classic tome.

Granite Mortar and Pestle

A professional quality granite mortar and pestle is another of our gift ideas for Thai-food lovers. Whether they grind, crush or pulverize herbs and spices, this is the perfect tool. Coarse enough to grind, smooth enough to prevent grit, go for a large capacity for outstanding fresh home-made red Thai curry paste.

Professional carbon steel wok

It’s likely Thai-food lovers already own a wok, but one of our gift ideas includes an upgrade to a professional wok. Choose a 14-inch diameter wok that can work on both electric and gas ranges. Professional woks are sturdy, constructed of heavy gauge carbon steel at a 2.0 mm professional weight with ergonomic handles that fit well and stay cool.

Sticky rice steamer and pot

For Thai-food lovers who love sticky rice, this is another of our authentic gift ideas to help them make Thai sticky rice perfectly. A premium quality aluminium sticky rice steaming pot with handwoven basket made from natural reeds and sewn across the top will last for years.

Thai cooking kit

For the Thai-food lovers that haven’t yet cooked at home, another of our gift ideas is a Thai cooking kit that lets anyone cook awesome Thai food at home using all the restaurant quality ingredients provided to create delicious Thai dishes from the traditional pad Thai dish or perhaps one of the Thai Green, Red or Massaman curries. Kits are available for multiple large servings, so wait for your invitation to dinner.

Thai tea

Thai tea is a perfect accompaniment to Thai dining. Gift ideas that will amaze the Thai-food lovers in your life include an authentic Thai tea blend of black tea and spices imported from Thailand.