Host A Thai Dinner Party

To host a Thai dinner party takes a little planning. Here we have a few ideas to help you create a successful Thai party that your guests will enjoy.


Thai party food

The key to great Thai food is getting the balance right with the mix of hot, sour, sweet, salty and bitter ingredients to complement one another. Start planning the meal going through your cookery books or look online. You can keep things simple with a basic Thai green curry and a Thai red curry using fish, chicken or tofu. A curry can be prepared a day in advance, giving you more time to spend with your guests at the party.

Vegetable dishes can include spring rolls, sesame pak choi and a traditional shredded salad. Another of our ideas is a beautiful rose petal salad that will make any Thai dinner party special.

A selection of fresh fruits make for good palate cleaning desserts.

Thai party drinks

A Sauvignon blanc and a Pinot Noir are wines that work well with a Thai menu. Thai ‘Singha’ beer and some fresh fruit drinks are also ideas that work well.

If you are unsure about cooking for your Thai party, ask your local Thai restaurant to provide the food. When you host a Thai party, you don’t have to let guests know you didn’t cook it all.

If you really want to get creative, make some carved flowers from fruit or vegetables to decorate your serving dishes or party platters. There are video tutorials online to guide you through the process.


Thai party décor

When you host a Thai party, you want to create the right ambience for the occasion. Make use of fresh leaves, flowers and fruit in your décor. Palm tree leaves can be used in centrepieces or as place-mats.

Add orchids, lilies, lotus flowers and carnations for a splash of colour and if you’re having fresh fruit as dessert, one of our ideas is to use these to create a centrepiece.

Light plays a central theme in Thai culture, so add candles and lanterns to your Thai party décor. Paper lanterns, floating candles, a string of fairy lights or little tea lights will add to the ambience.

Thai party guests

It’s a busy time when you host a Thai party, but don’t forget to send out invitations to those people whose company you enjoy.